Advisory Committee

This membership group is recruiting new members for our advisory committee. If you are interested in contributing and having an impact, this is an opportunity for you to give back at an exciting time.

Who are we?
The Canadian Health Office Professionals’ membership group was created to provide a platform for health office professionals to participate in regular feedback sessions that influences positive change. Our goal is to be a motivating force for employment security and job satisfaction.

Collaboration is at our core
Working together with our clients and our community partners is at the heart of our educational programming. The advisory committee is made up of industry members, college instructors, graduates, and current students. It is essential the committee works together to support the development and growth of educational programs to prepare members for the workplace. 


Modest time requirement
We expect that committee members are available for two meetings per year. Some time commitment is also necessary for meeting preparation. 

To learn more
Please browse through our website to learn more about the membership group. If we have piqued your interest, please complete the application form here. 

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